Saturday, July 23, 2011

Silky Blueberry ice cream (paleo, raw, vegan)

This is my very first post at Paleoliscious. I've been thinking for opening a blog written in English for a long time now, but now here I am, being very glad to reach out and get in touch with the English speaking blogger community. I am going to talk about myself more in a new page I am about to create, so for more detail come back and take a look at the pages line. 

About the ice cream, since that's the main purpose of this post: this is the creamiest, most balanced flavored blueberry ice cream I have ever tried. I used just a little bit of coconut oil to make it creamy and a little bit of almond milk, since I did not cook the blueberries to keep their fresh flavor and all the vitamins. Since summer is finally here with full throttle, I seize all opportunities not to cook or bake the fresh and utterly delicious fruits, while they last, to preserve all the goodness in them. That's how this silky, creamy blueberry ice cream came to life.

Silky Blueberry ice cream 
6 cup/1,5 L

1/4 cup honey
6,5 cups blueberries
2 cups coconut milk 
1 cup almond butter/almonds ground to fine paste

Mix the coconut milk, honey and almond butter in a mixer. Add 5 cups of the blueberries and mix to a fine creamy consistency. Pour it into the prepared pan and put it into the freezer for approx. 2 hours just until it begins to freeze, then take it out and mix (break the ice if there is) and pour the remaining 1,5 cup of blueberries and let them sink (or help them to sink a bit, not necessary though). Freeze. Take it out for at least 10 min before serving. 

I love the sight of the sinking blueberries in the creamy coconut milk...

Can I give u a scoop?


  1. This looks great, thanks for sharing!

  2. I'm trying your recipe for the first time and I must say that it's amazing!

    1. I am very glad to hear that it turned out so good! :) Thank you!


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