Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Coconut Milk Pie with Raspberries (gluten/sugar/dairy free)

I'm back home on vacation. There's nothing better than returning to the nest. Even when you feel like you don't miss it that much, when you are fine wherever you are, happy and content. When you arrive and the smiling and happy faces and eager eyes greet you at the airport, embracing your loved one you feel their sights "finally you are home", you see the tears filling their eyes, you smell your Mom's oh so familiar smell. Then it hits you: I missed it so much.
And all the sudden you are really home, in their arms. 
Home, sipping those exquisite Hungarian wines, eating the real, home made, full on meat sausages with liver patés and smoked cheeses, fresh vegetables from the garden, sharing stories of adventures on far away lands, filling up missing information on what has happened while you were away, trying to make up for a year lost. Impossible, but even trying feels sweet. 
I am trying to embrace all I can experience in a short time: familiar, loved and missed tastes and smells in the kitchen, the heartwarming smiles and laughter of loved ones. To carry them on with me for another year of adventures and challenges far away from happy home.

This Coconut Milk Pie is the Hunglish (Hungarian+English) name of of what is called in English speaking lands as "Magic Custard", which is a very traditional, very cheap and very tasty Hungarian dessert. The type that Grandma whips up quickly in case the kids decide to pop in without warning. I made it gluten-, sugar- and dairy-free. Enjoy.


  1. Can I replace the rice flour with a nut flour instead? Rice is not paleo and I cannot have it anyways.

  2. Its my favorite Coconut Milk Pie with Raspberries (gluten/sugar/dairy free) its very yammy and tasty i hope its used for who are following in diets. less calories. keep sharing more. Buy instagram followers


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